How to set locale in Ubuntu linux

Too often we can see that locale is not properly set in Linux server. After failed attempts to change environment variables and (re)configure locale using dpkg-reconfigure, not much is left, but to update environment files manually.  Why is correct locate important? Today there is simply too many if not all programs that are dependent on correct locale. Suddenly, after trying to run one of them, you get error that does not give too much sense. Then you start digging and realize that everything points to general system, and finally to locale. So let’s take a look how to configure locale so that your system works the way you expect it to.
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How to take backup of MySQL database from linux console

It is good idea to take backup of your data, especially databases. In order to take a backup of MySQL database you can either use your root user (bad idea!) or create another user that will have just enough privileges to do the job. Once we make dump of MySQL database, we will use gzip utility to pack the database. Once you have file, you can either move it, copy it or just send it as an e-mail attachment. First, we will create a backup user. Fire up your console, log in to MySQL server and type the following command:
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