How to automatically save Gmail to your Gdrive

If you are using swaks to mail your scripts to your Gmail as backup, now we can automatically save attachment to Gdrive. From Gdrive you can either sync them with your computer or any other cloud service.

Open Google Sheet (yes Google Sheet!) and click on Add-ons. Search for Save Emails and Attachments and install add-on. Now click on Add-ons, Save Emails and Attachments and select Create New Rule. Here you can configure your rules, select if e-mails/attachment or both should be save to your Gdrive. Click Select Drive Folder and select folder where your emails/attachments will be saved.

Created rules runs automatically every hour. Initial run can be done manually, point to Add-ons, Save Emails and Attachments, Manage Rules. Select your rule from the drop-down menu and click Manually. Please note that with free edition of the script, you can create ONLY one rule. If you need more than a single rule, click on Upgrade to Premium button.

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