How to manually register storage providers in vSAN enabled cluster

One of the common problems when using vSAN is the missing VASA storage providers registration in the VMware vCenter. There is a number of possible reason for this, but if your network is segmented, and you are using separate VLANs for vCenter and ESXi hosts, then the most common issue is the firewall between the management VLAN (vCenter) and ESXi VLAN.

You need to ensure that the TCP ports 8080 and 9080 are open from the vCenter to the ESXi servers. This can be confirmed by using the following URLs:


If you get the xml file displayed in your browser, then the TCP port is open and the service is up and running. Remember that this has to be done from the same VLAN where your vCenter is placed.

To manually add the storage provider, log in into your vCenter web client, click on Hosts and Clusters, then on the vCenter and the top. Now click on the Configure tab and then on the Storage Providers. Click the + sign and in the dialog type in the following info. Replace s-esx-esx01.sefnet.local with your own ESXi FQDN. First we will register VASA storage provider:

Name: VSAN Provider s-esx-esx01.sefnet.local
URL: https://s-esx-esx01.sefnet.local:8080/version.xml
User name: root
Password: YourRootPassword

When VASA provider is registered, now we will register IOFILTER Provider:

Name: IOFILTER Provider s-esx-esx01.sefnet.local
URL: https://s-esx-esx01.sefnet.local:9080/version.xml
User name: root
Password: YourRootPassword

Do this for all of your ESXi hosts. Now the warning that VASA storage provider cannot be registered of that an error has occurred while registering VASA storage providers should be gone.


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