How to reset the root password on VCSA 6.x

To reset the root password on the VCSA 6.x we need to boot the system into single user mode. Since v6, VMware requires users to enter the root password to modify the GRUB boot menu options. Here you can find instructions on how to remove GRUB password.

  1. In the GRUB boot menu, type “e” to edit the options before booting.
  2. Find the line that starts with “kernel /boot/vmlinuz-…. and press “e” to edit the selected line.
  3. Append the following at the end of the line: init=/bin/bash
  4. Press “b” or F10 to boot the system
  5. When at the shell prompt, use the passwd command to change the root password
  6. Reboot the system.

If you receive an error that the system is read-only, use the following command to change it to read-write:

# mount -o remount,rw /

Invoke passwd command and change the root password.

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